Accent means less work for your district technical staff:

  • Accent provides outstanding speed and performance with a Windows NT application and database server at the district site.
  • Accent’s IPAC eliminates the need to install and update Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) software on computers at each school.
  • Accent’s circulation client software is self-updating, reducing the workload for your technical staff.
  • Accent requires less bandwidth to support hundreds of catalog search stations throughout the district.
  • Accent is managed from one central location, so technicians can more easily install, manage, and update the system.
  • Although all data is stored centrally, Accent segments the data logically by location (individual school), so there is no loss in data or reporting autonomy.

Accent’s powerful web-based IPAC lets students search:

  • the entire school district
  • multiple locations within the district at once
  • a single school.